Students always surprise me



So, I have a student at the moment who is an absolute beginner in English – can’t really form full sentences, very little vocabulary and very little comprehension. He is improving day by day, but up until this week I hadn’t really heard him say much of anything without a lot of prompting and guidance.

This week, as we were taking a trip to a museum, the student in question was having a bit of a tiff with another student in their native Arabic. Suddenly, said student snaps “F*** you!”, clear as a bell and with impeccable pronunciation. I didn’t know what to say, but I was actually pretty impressed.

I should have the second part of my TEFL journey up soon! It’s slow going as I am working a lot of hours at the moment (morning and evening!) but at least that should provide me with more fun student stories. Thank you to the people who are following me now!


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